About Us

We’ve broken the mold of the conventional agency structure, to bring value and flexibility to our clients.

In the Wildfire Marketing Team…

Marketing and Business Development Consultant
Graphic Designer 
Website Developer
PR Professional
Results Driven

What we do

We love beautiful design and state-of-the-art technology as much as any marketing agency, but strategy should come first.

We aim to peel away the layers of your business to understand your unique story. This is the story we use to create a marketing strategy that breathes life into your brand and is carried through every part of the customer experience. With a healthy emphasis on ROI, encouragement to be brave and the backing of strategic thinking we believe you can achieve incredible things.

Who we do it for

We love to work with small to medium-size businesses where our work makes a meaningful impact.

When you’re leading a business it can sometimes take an outsider to see the picture clearly. Our clients see us as a partner, an expert, and a friend. We walk the journey with them, understanding what truly matters and achieving results. Whether you are a start-up needing a marketing plan to launch your brand, or an established business seeking some growth and direction, we can help you to be braver, wiser, and stronger.

How we do it

Our favourite place to start is with a review of your brand, your marketplace, and the opportunities for growth. From here we create a marketing roadmap, choosing the right tools and channels to help you achieve success.

If you need ongoing support we can launch your campaign and work with you to keep momentum. Taking the process off your desk and onto ours, and leaving you free to lead your business. Because we understand that not every business needs the same approach, we can operate from inside our clients worlds or from our own environment.  You can work with us as little or as much as you want or need to, ‘paying as you go’ to suit your budget.